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Easy Online Ministry

There is no reason why code and design should hinder you from reaching the flock. Let PasturePress handle your web needs so you can put down that How To HTML book and get back to praying, preaching and teaching!


Our custom TellAbout Suite will help you spread the Gospel through more efficient search engine optimization, as well as social media tools for Facebook, Twitter, and the like.


PasturePress offers many teaching features to help your ministry bring  milk and meat to all the nations via the world wide web, including video and podcast tools for all of your sermons.


We provide you with new ways to communicate and serve. Our service applications range from volunteer coordination to private prayer boards and accountability networks.

Premium Features – Practical Pricing

PasturePress offers a wide variety of tools and capabilities at your fingertips with plans starting as low as $180/year ($15/month).

Advanced Page Builder

Build pages visually without the need for HTML Code or going through a crash course in professional web design. Just point, click, type, upload, and launch your site.

Easy Coding

Your online ministry can be enhanced with just a few simple words added to your site. Our short codes add powerful functionality to help your outreach without you having to learn difficult code.

Fully Responsive

Whether your church website visitors are viewing on a tablet, mobile phone or a computer, you can choose from over 70 themes that will auto-size to showcase your ministry automagically.

Perpetual Updates

Code changes. Browsers update. Our dedicated team will ensure your theme and website are always ready for every visitor to experience the best your ministry has to offer.

Mobile-Ready, Responsive Website Design

PasturePress offers automatically adapting website layouts to fit tablets and phone screens, as well as varying monitor sizes. This helps to keep your site presentable, legible, and usable in all current formats.

  • Smart 93% 93%
  • Flexible 98% 98%
  • Attractive 95% 95%

Warm, Welcoming Websites

Whether it’s to make sure your church doesn’t look like it shut down ten years ago or to avoid eye strain from a fatiguing layout, incorporating a user-friendly interface is a great way to reach people and keep the congregation involved. PasturePress can help provide your visitors with a warm and welcoming experience.

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